WORD | IMAGE  MLive Hub, Grand Rapids, MI 2013

A poem creates different mental images for each reader. The inverse can be said for photography, an image is shown, and a different narrative is created by every viewer. This phenomenon of cyclical invention, conception and creation is one that is unique to these art forms. Word|Image intends to experiment with these dualities by showcasing a collaboration between local photographers and poets to create a synchronized  creative endeavor.

The artists are interested in utilizing poetry’s ability to construct images with language. Rather than simply illustrating the poems though photography, the photographers have created work that complements and enhances their poetic inspiration. The goal of these collaborations is to achieve a final work that shows the strength of combining mediums.


Recapture Frames Unlimited Gallery, Grand Rapids, MI 2013

while others are faded and become obscured as time passes. Experiencing a memory involves rich, complex sensations that exist only in the mind of the individual. A memory is personal and unique and the recollection of an event is never exactly the same to more than one person. Details can be skewed, glazed over or exaggerated.

Some believe that photography is not an effective way of accessing memory because it only utilizes the visual aspect. Instead of a complex mixture of sensations, the image forces the mind to see the memory in one specific way. It becomes possible for multiple people to recall an event through a single static image instead of separate interpretations.  Rather than some aspects of a memory stand out while others recede, a photograph is full of detail. The documentation process of photography is often the only way that an event is remembered and can replace the organic process of remembering that only exists in the mind.

The West Michigan Photography Collective is taking on the challenge of creating photographs that do more than document. Through our photographs the viewer will experience the same complex sounds, tastes, and textures that lie in their own memory. We aim to stretch the ability of the photograph to its sensual limits.


Fragile Empires The DAAC, Grand Rapids, MI 2012

Fragile Empires aims to document the breakdown of matter and social structures by showing the cycles of passing time. The exhibition contrasts fleeting moments with the camera’s ability to preserve memories through photography and installation.

Very often photos are thought of as only depicting a single fraction of second; this work breaks that paradigm by allowing the viewer to experience the transition from past to present and possibly glimpse into the future. Photography has the ability to create and image that cannot be fully realized by the naked eye, it can be manipulated in a way that tells a story, and can be an outlet for contemplation and deeper understanding of the earth.

 The works deal with themes such as temporary landscapes, cycles of life and death, how traditions and stories are shaped and skewed, and nature’s triumph over man-made structures. In this body of work time is compressed so that people can interact with the images by remembering, discovering, noticing and understanding.


Ingest | Digest | Protest  Mess Hall, Chicago, IL 2012

The biological drive to eat is a shared condition. However, issues regarding the motives, politics and desires behind consumption manifest themselves within our society with varying impacts. How do we negotiate these potentially precarious circumstances within our culture of eating?Increasingly, American consumers are attempting to make informed decisions about what they ingest. In whose best interest does our current system – from production to consumption to elimination- act in favor of?  Are there ways that we can look at nutritional sustenance with the same degree of scrutiny we apply when confronting other material desires.Often political or business concerns transform food from its primary function into a decoy for other issues. Food has the ability to generate, preserve, and create opportunities within culture. Although it is one of the primary connections between people, food can also disconnect us through our consumer choices and eating habits.  Through a consideration of film submissions Ingest|Digest|Protest will be a collection of works dealing with the desires, motives, and politics behind the consumption of food.

This is a Screened event showing 11 videos from artists from around the world, and Food will be served with each video.


Greetings from Michigan! The Loft, Grand Rapids, MI 2011

Introduction The Loft, Grand Rapids, MI 2011